Electric Neck Massager & Pulse Back 6 Modes Power Control Far Infrared Heating Pain Relief Tool Health Care Relaxation Machine

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Please check the instructions before buying.


1.Please settle 2 pcs AAA batteries

2. Switch on button . 

3. Press “”on “” button . You will check the indicator display “”red’

4. Bring a neck massager around your neck

5. Press the button “”High”” until you feel an electric shock.


This device uses electric current to stimulate muscles to achieve the purpose of massage. There are 6 modes in total. 15 strengths. The intensity is too low to feel noticeable. When the intensity reaches a certain level. You will feel an electric shock.

Recently, many buyers say they don’t work. After our verification, the situation is as follows. This massager has a total of 15 Level When the massager is turned on, the intensity may be too low to feel very small. At this time, you can press “high” to increase the intensity.


Additional information



Model Number

Electric Neck Massager 012


Multi Size SML


Composite Material




Massage the neck


Relieve neck pain


Promote blood pressure circulation in the neck


Health Care Relaxation


6 different massage modes


16 Levels Power


2 PCS AA battery

Single working time

15 minutes


1 time everyday


Please remember to switch off after use

20 reviews for Electric Neck Massager & Pulse Back 6 Modes Power Control Far Infrared Heating Pain Relief Tool Health Care Relaxation Machine

  1. Kawano Tanyu

    Checked-works. I did not try on myself yet. The instruction is in English, but in the figure everything is clear. There was no packing box.

  2. Lisabeth Brennen

    Got it right to fought

  3. Savannah Brotherton

    Awesome thing. First, thank you for coming to order so quickly. On May 28 I ordered, on June 20, the massager came. Shipping was: AliExpress shipping method. Of course for delivery had to pay a little. But less than a month. It usually takes longer. Secondly, I really liked the massager. Super cool massage! I love it! Really relaxing. Really relaxing. At first, the current is like some little boos running; then, as if they were patting on their shoulders (I set the electrodes on my shoulders. These are my problem areas, as they carry on the hands of heavy breasts and the neck and shoulders sink, hurt, and sometimes sleep uncomfortable. In general, the back, the neck, the shoulders hurt, they start. Only before use, remove all the decorations and especially the chains from the neck (or then the shibanet current. I did not take off the gold chain for the first time and I was slightly topped in the area of the chain). I realized that when you turn on, the default start to work automatic mode, which includes all 6 modes. In the instruction

  4. Maximilien Chopin

    Hi everybody! I want to share the impressions of buying this massager… to be honest, I’m surprised! I did not expect this effect from the device on two AAA batteries. I tried the cervical part right in the car, the benefit of the battery was in the glove box. The phone translated from the English instruction and… received unexpectedly powerful neck massage, increasing the intensity of the button on the left side of the device. I could not stand the full capacity, I reduced it. After five minutes he turned off the device and there was a feeling of lightness in his neck! Nice and amazing! I’ll try to use it as indicated in the instruction, 10-12 minutes every day. While everyone is happy! Delivery fast, packing soft, good. Thank you very much to the seller!!!

  5. Speranzio Bartolone

    Package came whole, the package is not damaged. Tried. works! Cons-instruction in English. nothing is clear. I had to master the method of “poke”. sitting the massager does not tightly hold on the neck, lying-normal. weak power, however. toy in a word.

  6. Gayla Tincher

    Came in three weeks in excellent condition, until I figured out how to use, hit the current apparently this is what, what is needed for my sick neck. How to handle it, I’ll use it, I’ll add an additional feedback. Seller and recommend

  7. Aamir Boyd

    Before Tomsk there was a package for almost a month, it was packed very well, nothing broke, no scratches, complete as in the description, thank you to the seller, I advise, as a test addition to the Review))

  8. Nour Hartman

    Long but it came! She works on 2 mini fingers and masage she makes a current, I do not know this is useful, but we decide to increase the Lupit so much, I do not know who on the promotion macadine, I will not say that it’s nice! On the first so I did not immediately realize that it was a current, well, on the elevated, I probably did not reach the last!)

  9. Lelah Pelosi

    Received product very fast.
    Good product already tested, good packaging.
    Super product quality price.
    Perfectly performs electric pulses
    It goes fabulous
    Very happy

  10. Cassey Odle

    Cool device. Works. The main thing is that the benefit is.

  11. GĂ©rald Noir

    Before the MSC was delivered in 2 weeks. Track tracked. Surprised that it came without a box-just a package of navel, but the massager turned out to be intact. Works. On High programs-painful, so it is better to start with the most light. ATP seller! Do you use caschback? If not, it’s time! Be sure to make your purchase more profitable, use the keshbek service. Max Return to 6,5% of the price. Link- http://ali . * Onl/1lgy (* remove) pay moment, make inquiry, on the trail, the day is credited to the card (max. Waited 3 days). Feedback is useful, put laik!

  12. Micael Montes

    This needs 2 AAA batteries to work. Simple to use. Read the manual before you first use this electric neck massager and pulse back device. Only use it for no more than 10 – 20 minutes. Use a wet cloth to moisten your neck. The power button is on the side of the device. Be careful of the level you have this device on. Because if you have the level to high it hurts. So pay close attention. Shipping took about 2 months. I placed my order in April and I received it on June 2nd.

  13. Aasiyah Haney

    17 days went to Moscow. Packed in a film with parrots-in a paralon-in a package. Electrodes on the massager itself are mobile. In the kit there are two more soft electrodes to massage other places. Everything works. Manual in English. Electric shock from two AAA batteries massage (who did electrophoresis, the sensations are the same). In the photo, my batteries (in the kit-no). Tracker tracked. I’ll order one more, for my wife. The first session went through me and the neck is pre-war. Product and seller recommend!

  14. Cindi Mcfarlin

    Order Received Fast, checked, everything works only need to stick a clip on the body and you can not turn on only at the same time to take on them or then a little pull current. How useful is this thing to check on in the case. Thank you to the seller!!?

  15. Armaan Ellison

    Delivery to Turkey 2 months, the description corresponds. let’s see how much will work. depending on the receiving country plus customs tax, here paid 15 lire. this is not masage as such, but the electric pulses of different frequencies, type of electrophoresis. with the pain of the heart and thrombrflebit is contraindicated, personally I did not really like it, the current is decent, not convenient in that regard, What you can not see, buttons for addition and change programs.

  16. Mammie Aguiniga

    Ordered 17.02.20, received the order 11.03.20. In the Moscow region the parcel was tracked throughout the way. Thank you seller! After use, I will add a review.

  17. Aliya Fernandez

    Thank you very much to the seller, as always everything came on time and quickly, I order the third one, I like it very much

  18. Korey Wu

    The goods are of excellent quality. First I bought myself, and then a friend asked her to order. English manual, but I translated through a translator with a camera, very convenient!! Before Peter the parcel went less than a month!!!

  19. Gage Edmonds

    Sealed not very, but everything is whole and even works. on Russian instructions, I will understand.

  20. Maariya Kramer

    The massager received, works well, I liked the massage. I’ll still take it for a gift.

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